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Fashionable Museum Exhibits; Shopping at Logan; More

Here's Racked Boston with the weekly fashion and shopping dispatch.

Mannequins waiting for the PEM Avant-Garde Japanese Fashion exhibit via Facebook

HUB-WIDE—Here is your cheat sheet to the can't miss fashion exhibits over the next few months, which museum shops are worth a visit even if you're not buying admission, and how to stay posted on designer talks.

LOGAN AIRPORT—Should you have the good fortune of arriving at the airport with time to spare, you may be wondering what lives around the bend of your terminal. Here are the shops and beauty services that go beyond the duty free store.

SOUTH ENDDecember Thieves has opened in the South End, a quirky little shop full of accessories and home goods from around the world.

HUB-WIDE—Don't forget to grab these travel essentials before getting a plane. Here are our picks for buying luggage, reading material, and leggings.