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A Round-Up of Boston Food in National News

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Photo: Barbara Lynch/Justin Ide

Various bits and pieces of the Boston food world have been getting attention from a wider audience lately. Here's a round-up of recent local news that has gone beyond local, as tracked down by our pals at Eater National.

Barbara Lynch, among other female chefs around the country, spoke with TIME in the fall-out of the magazine's "The Gods of Food" feature, which many have taken to task for its lack of female chefs. Some say the magazine can't be blamed; there are just less female chefs in the industry — and some of the chefs interviewed did acknowledge that it's harder for women to make it as a chef. Lynch recounted how publishers told her she wouldn't get much money when she wanted to write her cookbook, Stir, because she was a women (but also because she wasn't on television or living in New York). [TIME via EN]

As previously reported, Boston's famous Wahlberg clan is going to have a reality show centered around (and named after) Paul's, Mark's, and Donnie's Hingham restaurant, Wahlburgers. Mark told the Associated Press that it would not be like the Kardashians' television adventures. More details on the project here. [AP via EN]

Boston's latest export, the new Toro outpost, has been holding its own in New York City. It just earned two stars out of four from Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton, who said that it's "pretty great" despite some weaker dishes. ("2 stars in NYC is just like 4 stars in Boston," notes a commenter.) [Bloomberg via EN]

The vastly popular Science & Cooking lecture series continues through the middle of December at Harvard, bringing in top chefs from around the world to give nerdy and amazing lectures on, well, science and cooking. Consult the recent recaps on Eater National to learn all about meat glue from Wylie Dufresne, baking science from Joanne Chang, and more. [EN]


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