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Cocktail Week 2013

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angry%20bartender%20150.jpg"One thing I do strongly dislike is when people get angry and mean when they can't get a seat at the bar. It is first come, first served, and I treat everyone equally in that respect. If the bar is full, do not give our seated guests angry looks or keep asking how long it will be or hover over someone's shoulder and disrupt their space. There is no real way to tell how long someone wants to sit an enjoy a drink or food or even just enjoy a chat with the patron next to them. We can't make them leave any quicker, and frankly I would rather them not feel rushed and have a nice experience. We love that people are willing to wait for seats and I'm happy to get drinks for them in the meantime; I just kindly ask for people to be patient as we do our best to accommodate everyone."Rob Dunn, bartender at Lineage, on industry gripes
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