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Cocktail Week 2013

steel%20and%20rye%20-%20official%20-%20150.jpg"In my life as a beverage enthusiast, I am not embarrassed about my own drink-related likes. But behind the bar, I am not serving drinks to myself all night (and I'm not just saying that in case my boss reads this). I'm serving other people, hopefully maintaining my principles and then instilling my personal likes where I can. Not everyone at our bar wants to drink vermouth, calvados, and the beers of Bamberg. I know this, because sometimes they order Mich Ultra. There's a muscat liqueur in an ornate bottle called Pavan that seems to want to investigate St. Germain's success. I figured I would get it because, like St. Germain, maybe I could use it as a vehicle to change some people's minds about certain spirits that they thought they hated. It has a loudly ornate, blue-ish bottle and intensely sweet aroma and palate. I wouldn't mix it with prosecco and drink it at home while watching the Bruins, but it smells like a bag of wet Skittles and I can't stop taking the cap off to huff it." — Ted Gallagher, beverage manager at Steel & Rye, on "embarrassing" drink preferences

Steel and Rye

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