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Cocktail Week 2013

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angry%20bartender%20150.jpg"1. Promoters. 2. Greedy Promoters. 3. Shady Promoters. 4. People who are law students who want to argue with you at the front door for the sake of arguing. 5. Servers calling in sick — and you finding out that they are working at another venue. 6. Trying to explain to someone that they are not in dress code. 7. Police officers flashing a badge to skip the line and not pay cover (from out of state). 8. Name-dropping "I'm friends with Aggelos" to the door staff while I'm standing there watching them argue with my doorman. The best story is a girl shoved me out of the way when I ran the door at [another Boston club] and as I stopped her she screamed at me to say, "Don't worry, Aggelos said we are all set." I politely stopped her, closed the rope, and explained to her who I am and said, "You are in time out for 21 minutes" — she was 21 (one minute per how old you are) — "so stand there and wait." Aggelos Panagopolous, general manager at Emerald Lounge, on industry gripes
[Photo: Shutterstock/GlebStock]