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Cocktail Week 2013

emerald%20lounge%20150.jpg"Having the most popular martini at the bar be called the 'Wet Pussy' and having to yell that order to the service bartender in front of a packed bar...My first weekend bartending at a more upscale bar, I had a customer ask for an old-fashioned. Still being a rookie, I had no idea what he meant, so I asked 'What?' (in case he was referring to a martini or something). He replied 'an old-fashioned' yet again. This back and forth exchange continued until I found myself screaming 'An old fashioned what?!?!' Finally another bartender pulled me aside and explained it was a drink...Seeing my super stud of a boss giving shots to a group of girls and watching them smile ear to ear, start the 'wooooo!' cheering, and yell his name across the bar like he was THE MAN. Eventually I learned he was really giving them cranberry and Red Bull, not even any booze." Lauren Boisvert, manager at Emerald Lounge, on embarrassing happenings