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First Paulaner Bar in the US Now Open at TD Garden

Pushing four centuries, the Munich-based Paulaner Brewery is an old favorite in Germany and beyond, and it's one of six official breweries who provide beer for Oktoberfest. While it's fairly easy to find Paulaner beer around the United States, the first full Paulaner bar in the country opened last week in Boston, inside TD Garden. "Experience the atmosphere of North Station" while you drink, trumpets the official website, while a press release touts the German-made components of the bar, like the oak and maple tables and chairs.

On draught: Paulaner's Hefe-Weizen, Oktoberfest, Pils, Munich Lager, and Salvator, plus three others from the Hacker-Pschorr Brewery, also based in Munich. There's a light menu of soups, sandwiches, and other snacks to go with the beer. On non-event days at the Garden, the bar is open from 11:00am to 7:30pm Monday through Friday and noon to 4pm on Saturdays, but the hours expand (and Sunday is added) when there's a game or other event.
· TD Garden: lounges and bars [Official Site]
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Paulaner Bar

100 Legends Way, Boston, MA 02114