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Ramen Replaces Backbar Burgers Tomorrow

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It's that time of year again. Backbar is reintroducing its daily Genius Hour ramen special tomorrow at 4pm, so burger seekers will have to wait until next summer as the ramen is taking the place of the burger. Guests can partake of the warm bowl of noodles and heaven between 4pm and 6pm every day that the bar is open (so, just not on Tuesdays). There's free wifi during this time period as well, and finishing work is encouraged. (Stop by on a Friday, and you might just see Eater Boston huddled in a corner, typing while slurping noodles. Please do say hello.)

While the full details on this year's ramen have not yet been announced, last year's was made with a pork and duck stock broth flavored with miso and soy, noodles made daily, shredded pork, runny duck eggs, scallions, and bamboo shoots. Available add-ons included kimchee, extra noodles, bacon, pork lard, and garlic. There were only 10 orders available per day, and the price was $12.
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