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Hangover Maps: Poutine, Breakfast Sandwiches, More

Photos: Some options for unique breakfast sandwiches.

From the Eater archives, here are three maps and guides to help you ease your Cocktail Week hangovers, from "out of control" poutine at The Gallows to sloppy joe eggs at Trina's Starlite Lounge.

Poutine: A wonder food that is popular up north in Quebec — and thankfully gaining ground down here — poutine is a heaping order of fries topped with gravy and squeaky cheese curds. While true poutine-lovers often get touchy about the definition, the Boston area has a fair number of poutine-style dishes to get excited about. Standouts include Saus, The Gallows, and more.

Breakfast sandwiches: A nice, hearty breakfast sandwich stacked high with eggs and bacon is some people's favorite hangover cure. This map goes beyond the basics and offers up some of Boston's most creative breakfast sandwiches, like the Double Awesome from Mei Mei Street Kitchen, the breakfast torta at Mike & Patty's, and more.

Greasy spoons: Sometimes the where matters more than the what. Pancakes, French toast, or anything will do, but it's gotta be at the cheapest, oldest, most greasiest of greasy spoons because you want to go somewhere that looks like how you feel. Here are 25 of the best, including some authentic options as well as more, well, modern.
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