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The New Caffeine Boost You Didn't Know You Need

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Victorgrigas

"America runs on Dunkin'," says the Massachusetts-based coffee and donuts chain. But what if coffee's just not enough anymore? What about the people who need that morning boost but don't want to deal with waiting for the coffee to cool down? Enter the Dunkin' Donuts Energy Bar, "the only energy bar made with real Dunkin' Donuts coffee." (So watch out for those impostors out there.) They come in coffee flavors: original, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut. And not only do they contain coffee, but they also apparently contain additional caffeine, according to a press release. These neatly packaged bars of energy upon energy are now available in the Greater Boston area. Perhaps they'll expand to other markets once Massachusetts is sufficiently caffeinated.
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