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Grendel's Den Will Stay Open Despite Building Sale

Photo: Grendel's Den/Foursquare

Although Harvard Square's UpStairs on the Square will close at the end of the year due to a change in the Winthrop St. building's ownership, UpStairs' downstairs neighbor Grendel's Den will remain open. Cambridge Day reports that owner Kari Kuelzer isn't going anywhere, and the current lease runs through 2017.

Kuelzer's parents opened Grendel's Den in 1971 — or 1271, according to the sign outside. The Kuelzers decided to run with the accidentally misprinted sign because it "evokes the period" of Beowulf, the hero who slew an ogre named Grendel in old English literature. Grendel "terrorized a great mead hall," explains the restaurant's website. "We figured, Grendel may have been an hideous ogre, but he knew a good mead hall when he saw one."
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UpStairs on the Square

91 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 617 864 1933 Visit Website

Grendel's Den

89 Winthrop St., Cambridge, MA