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Ribelle Joins Menton as Devra First's Only 4-Star Reviews

Photo: Ribelle/Nick DiNatale

The Globe's Devra First raves about the "intensely creative yet carefully calibrated" food at Ribelle, giving Tim Maslow's Brookline restaurant all four stars in her arsenal. Complaints of the dining room being "too loud and too hot" don't prevent First from penning the only four-star review she has produced aside from Menton. A raw lamb tartare with radish and sunchoke is "a carnivore's fever dream of a salad" that "might just win the award for dish of the year." The "friendly and relaxed" service is still "serious" about hospitality. Beverage director and general manager Theresa Paopao's unusual menu approach to describing — but not naming — by-the-glass wines is praised as "both illuminating and whimsical." [BG]

Luke O'Neil checks out the Dave Matthews Band themed (wait, what?) Financial District bar Warehouse Bar & Grill and is impressed by the 23 different canned craft beers on the menu. Beer and beer-like beverages such as cider appear often as cocktail ingredients (the "Jimi Thing," a bourbon and cider drink, is a "sort of cider-based Old Fashioned"). O'Neil seems turned off by a selection of "flavored-vodka concoctions" but did find the tequila based "Smooth Rider" to be "nicely tart and dry." Overall, though, the Metro columnist finds it to be "a neighborhood spot [rather] than a destination from locations across the city." [Metro]

"It's no surprise ... the cooks are turning out this food like they've been doing it for years" at the newly relocated Nebo, says the Improper's Donna Garlough. "Impressive" pizzas are finally coming out of the ovens, though they are "not perfect." Pastas are "a bit uneven," but at least the calamari are "downright perfect." Dessert is now a "must-have," seemingly overlooked in the old location, though perhaps it's Garlough who overlooked the desserts in the past as the Nutella pizza diners "linger" over was available in the old North End location, as well. [Improper]

Sitting on the outskirts of Harvard Square, the "hidden from street view" Cancun Taqueria is the subject of this week's Globe Cheap Eats column. Glenn Yoder offers a mostly favorable review, citing the bacon-wrapped prawns in the fajitas Cancun as "an enticing variation of angels on horseback." Pozole, the traditional pork and hominy stew, has apparently "won fans in the Mexican Consulate." [BG]


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