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You Might Have a New Sushi Option on Newbury Today

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Photo: UrbanDaddy/Melissa Ostrow

A small sushi restaurant, Ikura, is set to open today at 254 Newbury St., UrbanDaddy reports. But calls placed to the restaurant this morning were greeted with a screeching modem noise, and Ikura appears to have no social media presence or website yet, so the opening can't be officially confirmed at this time. If you're in the area, swing by and hit up the tipline with any details. Lunch bento boxes might be awaiting you between 11:30am and 3pm.

UrbanDaddy notes that the Patriots' former sushi chef is involved in the "oaky cove of lobster maki and nigiri pyrotechnics." (The "pyrotechnics" refer to the "Play Boy Maki," which is apparently blowtorched tableside.) In addition to several hundred sushi options, Ikura has donburi (Japanese rice bowls), noodle dishes, hot entrees, and more. To drink, there's beer, wine, and sake (with two sake-based cocktails, one of which contains Orange Fanta.)

UPDATE: A reader confirms that Ikura is indeed open.
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254 Newbury St., Boston, MA