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La Catrina Fonda Mexicana Is Now Open in Brighton

Image: Official Site

La Catrina Fonda Mexicana has opened in Brighton, reports Boston Restaurant Talk. "Fonda" is a Spanish word that refers to a small restaurant typically specializing in inexpensive home-style cooking, and La Catrina's menu reflects that, focusing on tacos, tortas, and the like, with no single item ringing in over $10. The website (warning: music auto-plays, but at least it's nice music) splashes "by Allan Rodriguez" under the restaurant name — and that happens to be the same name as the chef-owner of El Centro, which will soon have three locations around town. The internet provides no clear link between the two restaurants, and Eater has not yet received confirmation that Rodriguez and Rodriguez are one and the same, but the menus do have some similarities, particularly in the taco offerings. Most notably, La Catrina offers a Sonoran-style hot dog, and El Centro highlights Sonoran cuisine as well, as that's Rodriguez' native region.

There's also a Fonda La Catrina out in Seattle, Washington, which appears to be unrelated — except that both restaurants make use of the same piece of name-appropriate artwork in their logos, La Calavera Catrina by Jose Guadalupe Posada.
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La Catrina

1620 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 02135