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Which Restaurant Dish Is Your Reason for Living?

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Photo: Shutterstock/Carlo Dapino

Let's play favorites. What's the one restaurant dish in the Boston area that you absolutely can't live without? Is it that crispy appetizer that would send you into a meltdown were it ever to disappear from the menu — or maybe that decadent dessert that dictates the location of all of your special occasion meals, now and forever? Is it simply the greatest steak in the city — or perhaps that unassuming side dish that packs a secret punch of awesomeness? Is it a comforting bowl of a week's worth of your caloric intake — or maybe that frighteningly healthy yet intriguingly delicious salad near your office?

Share the goods. Leave a comment below or hit up the tipline to share your unicorn of the Boston dining scene. Tell us what, where, and why, and we'll present a map of the best suggestions in the coming weeks. And feel free to use this space to mourn favorite dishes of the past, as well — the ones that have disappeared off their menus, retired to the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard of your heart and stomach.
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