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Devra First Goes on a Ramen Quest

Photo: Inaka/Facebook

Noting that the "past few years have seen a ramen explosion," the Globe's Devra First rounds up seven of her favorite bowls. Dubbed "the new reliable," Allston's Inaka is suggested if you want "ramen on your own terms" without the odd hours or long lines of others that make her list. Also in Allston, Pikaichi is one of the only ramen-ya to offer ramen to go — they have "it down to a science," with instructions for home-assembly. And then there's newcomer Snappy Ramen (née Sushi) that offers a "happy surprise" of "really good" ramen, given the recent concept change — the tonkotsu broth at the Davis Square restaurant is "creamy, thick, voluptuous, almost silky." [BG]

Luke O'Neil takes his Metro column to Tony Maws's new Somerville restaurant Kirkland Tap and Trotter and finds a bar program that "is no less exemplary" than that of Craigie on Main. "Big, boldly flavored cocktails ... measure up to the food, but assert a singular presence as well." Head bartender Tyler Wang's standouts include the Green and Grain — a cucumber-infused rye, vermouth, and Chartreuse drink that O'Neil calls "a light, almost briny sip that's not as vegetal as you might think." [Metro]

Globe food editor Sheryl Julian brings the paper's Cheap Eats column back to Earth this week with a hopeful profile on the awkwardly-spelled WiCH!T Sandwich Shop in the Back Bay. The "pressed sandwiches are enormously satisfying," though their success "depends on who is behind the counter that day." When done right, expect "smoky, salty, spicy, sour, creamy, and crusty" as some of the "irresistable tastes and textures." When done wrong, they are under-sauced and under-cooked. "I'm cheering the [owners] on. Just leave my sandwich in the press a little longer." [BG]


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