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Hell Night Reservations Tomorrow; White Truffle Watch

INMAN SQUARE — Line up outside East Coast Grill by 9am tomorrow morning (or start flooding the phone lines at 10am) to get reservations for the next Hell Night, Hell-o-ween, which takes place right on Halloween, the 31st. "It's going to be a Hellish party," writes East Coast Grill. [FB]

HARVARD SQUARE — White truffle season continues. Rialto joins the previously reported Bistro du Midi, O Ya, and Deuxave in serving the tasty delicacies. "We're happy to shave them table side and top off your pasta," writes Rialto. [FB]

WORCESTER — Cronut alert! This one's out in Worcester. Sweet Kitchen + Bakery, which has been selling "dosants" since 2008, long before the cronut craze, is now offering a cheese-stuffed savory dosant. (That's a croissant-donut hybrid for those who have somehow avoided cronut mania.) It comes with a side of tomato soup for dipping. [Official Site]
[Photo: East Coast Grill/Cal Bingham]


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