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Allston's Kaju Tofu House Is Now Open in Harvard

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Photo: The former Shabu-Ya space/Yelp

Back in June, it looked like Harvard Square's Shabu-Ya was going to be replaced by Kaju Tofu & Shabu Shabu House, ostensibly an extension of Allston's popular Kaju Tofu House, combined with the existing shabu-shabu concept, where diners cook their own meats in vats of broth at the table. Now, a tipster reports that the restaurant at 57 JFK St. has opened, but it's simply called Kaju Tofu House, like its Allston sibling. The only Shabu-Ya remnant is the space itself. The "ultra-bright, futuristic" decor has barely changed, notes a Yelp reviewer.

Food writer MC Slim JB reviewed the original Allston location back in September 2012 (a moment of silence for the dearly departed Phoenix, please), enthusing about the restaurant's focus on sundubu jigae, a spicy Korean soft tofu soup that's not readily available around here. (Cho Cho's in Cambridge's Porter Exchange is one of the only other places that serves it locally.) "And what a spectacular soup it is," wrote MC Slim JB. "An umami-bomb broth flavored with dried anchovies and fish sauce, plus chili flakes, garlic, onions, shiitake, and loads of irregular soft-tofu chunks, topped with scallions."

The new Kaju Tofu House is open from 11am to 11pm daily in Harvard Square.
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Kaju Tofu House (Allston)

56 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA 02134 617 208 8540

Kaju Tofu House

57 JFK St., Cambridge, MA