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Halloween Shopping; Where to Buy Bags; More

Racked Boston here with this week's hot shopping and fashion news.
American Apparel Wizard of Oz window via @americanapparelboston/Instagram

HUB-WIDE—There are just two weeks left until the spookiest holiday of all, and you still need a Halloween costume. These five stores will assist you in playing dress up.

ONLINEJegman Ties is seeking $20,000 on Kickstarter to meet its goal of bringing production from China to the US. Here's why you can help.

HUB-WIDE—New season, new bag—or so your shopping shaman seems to say. Shop top-notch leather goods at these nine local stores.

HUB-WIDE—NY-based Manicube, founded by Harvard Business School alums, just launched its in-office manicure service in Boston. Get the scoop.