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Construction Spotted at Allston's 'Highest End Restaurant'

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Photo: Glenville Stops in progress/an Eater tipster

Remember that noble plan to create the "highest end restaurant ever" in Allston, Glenville Stops? Well, it seems to be moving along (but obviously not hitting the previous estimated opening of August or September). A tipster sent in the above photo yesterday with a note about the space: "demo underway and maaaany taps."

Restaurateur Michael Chapman and his lawyers told the licensing board back in June that he'd be spending nearly a million dollars renovating the "pretty notoriously run-down" and rat-infested property to create a high-end restaurant with high food prices that won't cater to the "younger crowd" and "reckless atmosphere" of most other Allston restaurants. Chapman was approved to purchase the liquor license from a Charlestown restaurant, Positano, in late June. Stay tuned for more, and hit up the tipline with any intel.
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87 Glenville Ave., Allston, MA