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Ramen, Pizza, and More Pizza in This Week's Reviews

Photo: Inaka/Yelp(Yuka Y.)

Allston's Inaka offers "a hefty, gorgeous bowl of ramen," says the Improper's MC Slim JB. The "subtle, understated" restaurant "doesn't push the hot buttons" that MC believes other ramen-ya have, suggesting "Bostonians finally appear ready for a world of diverse ramen options without the hype." He suggests ordering the ramen with Hakata-style noodles ("absorbs the flavors a bit better"), and while the "ramen is the star here," he also recommends the "outstanding" appetizers such as as the yaki gyoza (garlicky "beauties"). [Improper]

The Globe's Devra First continues her tour of Boston's farther-flung suburbs by dropping two stars on 29 Sudbury, the Sudbury restaurant opened by WAAF's Greg Hill and Evan Deluty, the chef/owner of the South End's Stella. "Coal-fired pizza ought to be the backbone of the menu," but fails to impress. Pasta is somewhat better: "Deluty is known for his Bolognese for a reason," but a sausage and orecchiette dish "is so gummy it sticks together in stacks." The bar program is one of the "most welcome attributes," featuring local and seasonal offerings. [BG]

Luke O'Neil visits turn-of-the-19th-century Harvard Square bar The Red House in this week's Metro Thursty column and enjoyed his "glimpse into the Harvard Square of the past." An "abundance of apple-based concoctions" are "evocative of the ... seasonal drinking you might have found at the time." A rye drink — Elsewhere the Autumn Leaves — is a "spicy, aromatic sip," though it "could benefit from ... less ... sweetness" [Metro]

While acknowledging pizza and beer for a couple and their 2.5-year-old cost $70, the Globe's Cheap Eats column profiles Somerville's A4 Pizza this week. In defending her choice and lauding the Area Four spinout, Catherine Smart says the use of housemade mozzarella, local produce, and farm fresh eggs, along with "the friendly service, and the tightly curated list of beer, wine, and six whiskeys" make A4 "a pretty good deal." The pizzas are "done right," and are not the only option; a lentil and bluefish salad was quickly consumed out of its "adorable" cast iron pan. We look forward to next week's Cheap Eats take on Menton. [BG]

A4 Pizza

445 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA 02143