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Five Things to Know About Tunnel

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Photo: Tunnel/Facebook

The newest addition to Boston's club scene is subterranean, lurking underneath W Boston in the Theater District, and it opens tonight. A press release heralding the opening describes Tunnel as an "exciting and exclusive night club" that is "changing the nation's club scene." Well, it's a bit too early to detect any changes, but here are five things to know about Tunnel before hitting the dance floor.

1. The name makes sense not only due to the fact that the club is underground, but it's also long and narrow with walls made of black rock. The street-level entrance is "discreet," and guests descend via a "mirrored private elevator" or a "modern staircase," as opposed to an old, creaky one.

2. The people: Brian Lesser (of Speakeasy Group) and managing partner Max Camponovo. Lesser is behind a number of popular spots around Boston, including Sweet Cheeks, Tavern Road, and Storyville. He's also involved with Michael Scelfo's upcoming Alden & Harlow in Harvard Square. Sousa Design Architects created the space, which holds 200. The firm also worked with Lesser on minibar and Storyville, as well as a number of other area restaurants and lounges.

3. The signature drink, The Tunnel, is made with Ketel One, St. Germain, blackberries, and bubbly. Other drinks have local construction-based names like The Channel and The Sumner. See the full menu below.

4. Guests will dance under the light of 3,600 floating LED fixtures, which change under 65,000 pre-set lighting effects. A lighting engineer will work alongside the DJ nightly to make things pretty.

5. There's bottle service available for six tables' worth of big spenders, who can perch on silver banquettes while drinking fancy champagnes, spirits, and cognacs. The Louis XIII de Rémy Martin weirdly comes with a free iPad to bring home.

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100 Stuart Street, Boston, MA