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The Return of ManRay?

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Photo: Zev Fisher/Official Site

The somewhat freaky Central Square nightclub ManRay hasn't been seen since 2005, but according to Cambridge Day, the club may return. The paper reports that ManRay is "in a tentative agreement" to move into what was formerly a Blockbuster (that used to be a kind of video store, and videos used to be a kind of media) on Mass Ave just a tenth of a mile from its old home on Brookline Street. Owner Don Holland tells the Cambridge Day that a relocated and revived ManRay would be "basically the same operation," though the article later says "There is no question Man Ray will be a different creature," citing plans to serve food (which it didn't before) complete with restaurant seating all in a space that's "about a third" of the original size. Rumors of the return of ManRay have come and gone, so stay tuned for confirmation and drop any intel of your own via the tipline.

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