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Clarke's at South Station Is Indeed Closed, Won't Relocate

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It's as feared: Clarke's at South Station is now closed as it previously appeared to be. Per the owner, Clarke's will not be relocating, within the building or elsewhere, as it had hoped to. Clarke's at South Station opened in 1992 and served pub fare, beer, wine and cocktails to weary travels who otherwise had to contend themselves with offerings from the food court. Clarke's wanted to stay and cites the rent as the main issue, saying it would be difficult for them to reopen elsewhere given the unique arrangement enjoyed at South Station, which apparently refers to the heavy flow of commuter and tourist traffic. Clarke's at Faneuil Hall remains in operation, and, according to its website, has "the largest & cleanest ladies rooms in Boston."

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[Photo: Facebook/Clarke's at South Station]

Clarke's at South Station

270 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA