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None of Zagat's '5 Best New French Restaurants in The Boston Area' Are New

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Photo: L'Espalier: French, but not new/Cal Bingham

Correction: The Zagat list refers to "New French" restaurants as in their type of cuisine, not their opening date.

A new list of "5 Best New French Restaurants in the Boston Area" by Zagat has just one little problem: none of the restaurants are new. In fact, one opened in the seventies. Here's the breakdown.

Lumiere: opened in Newton in 1999.
T.W. Food: opened in Cambridge in 2007
L'Espalier: opened on Boylston Street in 1978, moved in 1982 and again in 2008.
Clio: opened at The Eliot Hotel in Back Bay in 1997.
Radius: opened in the Financial District in 1998.

· 5 best new French restaurants in the Boston area [Z]


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