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Nick Varano's Famous Deli Wasn't Famous Enough

Nick Varano's Famous Deli in the North End apparently has not lived up to its name: North reports that the restaurant "plans to re-open soon with a new name and menu." Which means that the deli is currently undergoing renovations, so don't try to check it out just yet. The deli was owned by Nick Varano of the Varano Group, which owns restaurants including Strega and Strega Waterfront. The self-proclaimed "gateway to the North End" served a sandwich-heavy menu also featuring salads and soups. Each sandwich was listed with a tagline, including "Tony Soprano couldn't live without it," "just don't tell your mother" and "ESPN's Steve Levy's favorite highlight." Varano has yet to share details about the deli's new incarnation, though he did previously apply for a venue called Strega Cafe, so perhaps this will be that? Stay tuned and drop any of your own info via the tipline.

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[Photo: Enjoy Every Sandwich]

Nick Varano's Famous Deli

66 Cross Street, Boston, MA