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Southie Rules on Sushi; Tasted Menu Goes Offline

SOUTHIE - "Sushi isn't food. It's bait" proclaims an ad for the upcoming A&E show Southie Rules. Don't tell that to Moko. [ via Curbed]

THE WEB - The dish-recommending website/app Tasted Menu, which covered Boston among other cities, is no more. According to the Tasted Menu website, December 31 was its last day in action. [Official Site]

A BARBECUE RESTAURANT - Barbecue (and sometimes other meaty restaurants) reviewer PigTrip clarifies just how telling someone to wipe sauce off their face is supposed to go on a recent Facebook post. The "mirror method" is invoked. [Facebook]

CAMBRIDGE - Local freelance writer Luke O'Neil often writes about Boston's drink scene. Check out his drink scene tonight at Temple Bar on Mass Ave as he works the bar. [Twitter]
[Photo: Temple Bar]

Temple Bar

332 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 Visit Website

Temple Bar

1688 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA