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Ottawa Citizen Declares Boston Streets 'Lined With Delicious, Affordable And — Gasp — Healthy Food'

Photo: Flickr/Jeff Cutler

An article in yesterday's Ottawa Citizen sings the praises of the advanced and enlightened food truck scene here in Boston, which is kind of funny, because food truck operators here frequently gripe about how hard it is to do business. The headline of the Citizen article is "Boston's rules spawned mobile, diverse street food vendors." Counterpoint: the May Boston Magazine article titled "Why Won't City Hall Help Boston's Food Trucks Thrive?" The story looks to Boston as a model for Ottawa's food truck future, because as everyone knows, "Boston and Ottawa share many things in common." Not all things, though: "while Ottawa's trucks have festered in a puddle of greasy fries and hotdogs, Boston's trucks sell everything from classic lobster rolls to foie gras baklava."

The Citizen concedes that Boston has not always been the mobile vendor "culinary wonderland" that it is today, and makes sure to include a quote from a token disgruntled food truck operator (The Dining Car). However Boston's streets are apparently "lined with delicious, affordable and — gasp — healthy food."

It also says the vendors like the lottery system. Vendors and patrons alike: tell us how you really feel in the comments.

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