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Sweet Tomatoes Pizza Plans for Food Truck

Sweet Tomatoes Pizza of Newton, Needham and Northeastern is planning to start a food truck according to a job posting on Craiglist. Last night the company wrote "our newest adventure is a Food Truck," for which it will start interviewing next week, which means the truck should follow sometime in the next few months. Sweet Tomatoes Pizza was not available for comment about the truck's location(s) or menu at this time, but a Facebook page created for the venture, apparently called Sweet Tomatoes Pizza Truck, says it will be "hitting the streets of Boston." If the Boston-bound truck is anything like the four existing Sweet Tomatoes Pizza brick and mortars, it will serve salads (including arugula and beet), Neapolitan pizza (the usual suspects plus seasonal specials) and sandwiches (including three varieties of parm).

As for the truck itself, maybe they're buying Staff Meal's?

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[Photo: Official Site]