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Conductor's Restaurant May Chug Into Harvard Square

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A new dining establishment called Conductor's Restaurant appears to be headed for Harvard Square according to license commission hearing notes for the City of Cambridge, as spotted by Boston Restaurant Talk. The new venture is slated for the space that was once Hoffa's Swiss Alps Restaurant in the Conductor's Building on Mt. Auburn Street. BRT notes that the new restaurant plans to have 133 seats and to serve three meals a day, every day of the week.

According to a 2007 video by Cambridge Community Television, the 1912 building is "the oldest surviving structure from the initial development of the subway in Cambridge," hence the name. That or perhaps the restaurant will exclusively serve orchestra conductors. No further details about Conductor's Restaurant are currently available - and at this early stage that may not even be its final name - so stay tuned and drop any info of your own via the tipline.

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[Photo: Yelp/Sonam V.]

Conductor's Restaurant

112 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA