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Is Something Up With The Cafe Royale at Royalton Suites?

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Neither The Cafe Royale nor its home, the Royalton Suites hotel on Newbury Street, has answered repeated calls during regular hours, and an Eater tipster claims that the restaurant has closed. That's not confirmed, and yet so far there's no explanation as to why both the cafe and hotel have been unreachable. Per the tipster, the hotel has also been "under fire" from its parent company. According to the cafe's website, the menu includes tea service, finger sandwiches, and dishes ranging from sushi to samosas. The Yelp page for The Cafe Royale is exceptionally venomous, with repeated admonitions to go elsewhere, largely due to botched LivingSocial deals, but maybe that's just part of the experience at a hotel "that reads like a page ripped from the surrealists' manifesto."

Know more about the status of The Cafe Royale? Hit up the tipline.

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[Photo: Official Site]

The Cafe Royale

254 Newbury Street, Boston, MA