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Why Is Boston The Drunkest City in America?

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Photo: Robert Gillis

For the second year in a row, Boston has been named the number one drunkest city in the U.S. by The Daily Beast, which compiled data from a market research firm and from the Centers for Disease Control. After Boston garnered the same distinction last year, Mayor Menino boldly came to the city's defense, saying "Who is The Daily Beast? What is their credibility? I am the beast of the city and what I say goes. We are not the drunkest city in America." Once again, Boston beats out legendary party cities like Las Vegas and New Orleans and legendary non-party cities like Buffalo and Fargo, which also make the list, presumably for different reasons.

So what it is about Boston that gives us this honor? The disproportionate number of all those crazy college kids? Red Sox consolation? Freezing temperatures? St. Patrick's Day? That there's so much good stuff to tip back?

Why do you think Boston is so darn drunk? Leave your thoughts via the comments.

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