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Boston's $5M Listings; Cambridge's $10K Rental; More!

Presenting Curbed Cuts, your weekly pick of neighborhood news from our sister site Curbed Boston.

[via Sasaki Associates and Mecanoo Architecten]

DOWNTOWN CROSSING/ROXBURY - You wanna know if Boston real estate will boom in 2013 like it did in 2012? Look no further than two once-blighted space-fillers: the old Filene's site in Downtown Crossing and the Ferdinand Building in Dudley Square, and what's happening to both.
BOSTON - 'Tis been a long while since so many homes in the city were asking at least $5,000,000. We mapped 'em: 24 listings at 17 addresses in the first-ever Curbed Boston Mega-Listings Heatmap!

CAMBRIDGE - Meet the People's Republic's newest five-figure rental listing: the controversial 245 Grove Street! It wants $10,000 a month, and will give you a living roof in exchange.
HUB-WIDE - Our David Bates eavesdrops on the housing markets in 10 neighborhoods and cities; and finds laughably low inventories for 2-BR condos.