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Take a Look at Enso's Sushi Conveyor Belt

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[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Now open in Chinatown, Enso gives diners the chance to grab the sushi of their dreams right off a conveyor belt that travels around the center of the restaurant. The dishes are all color-coded, so the bill is simply tallied at the end of the meal based on the plates at the table. Options range from $2 (cucumber maki, crabstick nigiri, inari) to $5.75 (specialty maki like "Godzilla" and "Red Sox"), plus specials. Dishes other than sushi are available as well, such as lunchtime bento boxes and "small bites" like jalapeno bombs, tofu fries, and tuna ravioli. While the conveyor belt is pretty fun, diners can order directly from their server as well.

In addition to counter seats lining the conveyor belt, there are also booths available off to the side, as well as several bar seats. Enso, which is one of the only "kaiten-zushi" (conveyor belt sushi) spots in the Boston area, is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Check out the conveyor belt in action:

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