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'Facelift' for Henrietta's Table; FroZenYo Heads for DTX

CAMBRIDGE - Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel is temporarily closed from now until January 17 for what its website calls "a facelift." Just what parts of its face are being lifted? Stay tuned. [Official Site via CH]

SOUTH END - The lawyer who took on the controversy-addled local pizza chain The Upper Crust is going ahead with plans to operate the company's Harvard Square location, but she lost a bid to acquire four other pizza shops in the South End and in the burbs. Too bad: her business model includes giving employees shares of ownership and possibly renaming it The Just Crust. [BG]

DOWNTOWN CROSSING - Incredibly, there's going to be another froyoery in town. Boston Hospitality & Tourism Blog reports says FroZenYo is indeed opening up in what was once The Body Shop (the kind for skin, not cars) at 277 Washington Street. Man, do froyo companies love them some caps mixed in with the lowercase. [BH&TIB]
[Photo: Henrietta's Table/Official Site]

The Upper Crust

4 North Pendleton Street, , VA 20117 (540) 687-5666

Henrietta's Table

1 Bennet Street, Cambridge, MA