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The Black Eyed Peas, Champagne Spraying and The Estate

Welcome to Champagne Power Hour! Here's how it works. The next 60 minutes will be filled with a deluge of champagne-related stories, videos, maps, and even a puppy. Stay glued and enjoy the ride!

bp2013-01-31-at-12.44.51-AM.jpgOne time a particularly well-heeled patron of the downtown club The Estate decided to host an after party for a band you might have heard of: The Black Eyed Peas. The band was in town for a show at TD Garden, and, well, this person was feeling hospitable to the out of town guests. The cost of the party? A mere $20,000. Also, LMFAO was there: they were the opening act. The customer throwing the party had a table onstage and spent about $10,000 on champagne alone, for himself and his fortunate friends. "Spraying it.." recalls Big Night Entertainment Group founder Randy Greenstein, who runs the club. "Those kids like to spray champagne on each other, and all over the house, which was fun."

[Photo: Facebook/Black Eyed Peas]