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Chef Michael Scelfo's Super Classy Wedding Night

Russell House Tavern chef Michael Scelfo shares not one but two personal champagne stories from his very own wedding.

ms-2013-01-31-at-12.52.16-AM.jpgOn my wedding day, the caterer never poured the champagne for our toast, and we never realized it. The next day we had a big family breakfast at my folks' place and just sat around popping cases of bottles and seeing how far we could get them to fly.

On our wedding night, someone had arranged for a bottle of Cristal to be chilled in our room. The hotel I guess never knew what it was, so they chilled it in a plastic waste paper bucket. Classy. We never really ate at our wedding because we were just caught up and were starved by the time we got to the hotel, so we ordered cheeseburgers and popped the Cristal. What better way to experience a Rolls Royce champagne then with a couple of room service cheeseburgers?

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