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Carrie Nation Cocktail Club Plans Spring Opening

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Photo: Carrie's sister, Emmet's Irish Pub/Official Site

A new restaurant and lounge called Carrie Nation Cocktail Club is planning to open this spring in Beacon Hill. Boston Restaurant Talk gleans that detail from a Craiglist job posting, which notes that this will be the fifth location for the East Coast Tavern Group. Also, the food and beverages will be "quality" and the service will be "top notch." The restaurant group also owns Emmet's Irish Pub and Scholars American Bistro, both of which are in the same general vicinity as the upcoming Carrie Nation, bound for 11 Beacon Street. A prior report suggests that the new venue would be a "whiskey lounge" featuring French-influenced American cuisine, and it's named for a historical temperance activist named Carry A. Nation (aka Carrie Nation).

Nation apparently felt is was her burden to "carry" the "nation" to sobriety, hence the moniker. Which makes it kind of sad/poignant/funny that she's now having a bar named after her. And to add insult to injury, she also didn't like foreign food, so sorry about the French influences, Carrie. If she were alive today, she might show up to the opening with a hatchet, which is what she was known to do to bars of yesteryear.

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Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

11 Beacon Street, Boston, MA