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New York's Kung Fu Tea Coming to Chinatown

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A tea shop based in New York called Kung Fu Tea will soon be opening in Boston. Thanks to an Eater tipster for sending in the adjacent photo of the shop, at 32 Kneeland Street in Chinatown, which may open by spring according to an employee from the company's corporate office. The shop's website reports that it claims inspiration from the Chinese martial arts that is its namesake, saying that the quest "to continually improve and expand" define both beating people up and serving an infusion of plant leaves. There are currently twelve Kung Fu Tea locations scattered about Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, and if the Boston expansion stays true to their example, it will serve black, green, and white teas straight up and in bubble format (sweet, with milk and various chewy and slippery things) plus iced coffee and espresso drinks, juice-spiked teas, tea "slushes," and of course Jelly Wow Milk.

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[Photo: Kung Fu Tea Boston/Brian Andrew Klein]

Kung Fu Tea

32 Kneeland Street, Boston, MA