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Drinking and Painting; Piattini Wine Cafe Expanding

SOUTH END - Help to create the the second largest open-air rooftop farm in the world by attending a benefit concert for Higher Ground Farm on Sunday, February 17. At the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts featuring musical guests such as My Gay Banjo. See here for more information and for tickets. [Official Site]

LOWELL - While Korean fried chicken favorite BonChon may no longer be headed for the former Kelly's Roast Beef in Allston, it is headed for Lowell, which is already something of an Asian food hotspot, says a post on Chowhound and the upcoming location's Facebook page. [CH, FB via GS]

SOUTH BOSTON - Places where you can drink and paint are doing just fine, says the Boston Business Journal, pointing to the successes of local venues like Dot Art Bart in Dorchester, The Urban Art Bar in South Boston, and The Paint Bar in Newtown. [BBJ]

BACK BAY - Piattini Wine Cafe tells Eater that it's nearing completion of its expansion. The cafe hopes to complete the expansion of its kitchen by next month and will start enlarging its patio in March. [Official Site]

Piattini Wine Cafe

226-228 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116 617 536 2020 Visit Website