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Evelyn and Angel's Turns Cambridge Into Candy Land

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Cambridge has a brand new candy shop now that Evelyn and Angel's has opened on Mass Ave between Porter and Harvard Square. A sign announcing the store's arrival had been tempting local residents for over a year, and now Cantabrigians can finally sink their sweet tooth into the likes of handmade chocolates, saltwater taffy, in-house fudge and roasted nuts. A prior article from Cambridge Day notes that Cambridge has a historical role as a candy center, saying "Main Street was once called Confectioner's Row." An employee for the shop confirms that it is now open and has been since last month. In addition to its array of candy, Evelyn and Angel's will also have a soda fountain, though it is not yet in effect. Stay tuned.

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[Photo: Facebook/Evelyn & Angel's Candy Shop]

Evelyn & Angel's Candy Shop

1702 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA