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The Time Jason Bond Flew to France for Some Chicken

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Turns out Bondir chef-owner Jason Bond, who is expanding to Concord from Cambridge, is something of a whale himself. When asked if he had any stories of restaurant goers who like to live large, Bond volunteered this story. In his own words...

[Photo: Jason Bond/Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

The biggest high rollers I know are me and Monica [his wife]. I flew us to Paris once just to try a specific chicken. The chicken was about $300. I was interested in a famous recipe that Le Bristol specializes in: Poulet de Bresse en Vessie. A Bresse chicken is cooked, sealed in a veal bladder with white truffle, port, mushrooms. It is presented to you on a tray of dry ice fog, inflated tight and looking like the egg from Alien. It's carved table-side, presented to the lady, obviously, (It's a boy! Congratulations!) and is then served in two courses. It went very well with the champagne cart.

On a second trip to Paris we went to stay at the Hôtel de Crillon. We had the Marie Antoinette suite, which was bigger that my whole apartment in Cambridge. We got to hang out in the room where she took piano lessons and got to look out over Paris. Again, the view went nicely with the champagne.

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