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Cannoli Test; Staff Meal Becomes Rising Sun Tavern

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NORTH END - Remember how the Thinking Cup boasted that it was willing to take on the North End's cannoli giants when it expanded to Hanover Street? The Phoenix finds out how the newcomer fares against neighborhood favorites like Mike's, Modern, and Maria's. [TP]

ROXBURY - If Victoria's Diner gets its way, the 24-hour restaurant may soon be adding live music to its offerings. [BH&TIB]

TBD - Until recently, Staff Meal was a favorite among the local food truck scene, until the business ditched its truck and suggested a more permanent future residence. Now Grub Street hears that Staff Meal has assumed a new identity: Rising Sun Tavern. Stay tuned for further details. [GS]

SEAPORT DISTRICT - Over 40 local restaurants and food vendors will represent at the TV Diner Platinum Plate Gala on February 15 at the Seaport World Trade Center. Billy Costa and Jenny Johnson, the hosts of the NECN show, will be on hand, and the night includes a "high-end charity auction." See here for details and tickets. [Official Site]

UPDATE: Thinking Cup did not score the lowest of those cannoli tasted, as originally reported.

[Photo: Facebook/The Thinking Cup]

Staff Meal Food Truck

12 South Street, Boston, MA

Thinking Cup (North End)

236 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113