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Marijuanastaurant Cheba Hut May Come to Boston

Photo: Note the date, Facebook/Cheba Hut "Toasted Subs"

The shamelessly marijuana-themed Arizona-based sub shop Cheba Hut is looking to open in Boston, says the Herald. According to an article in today's paper, Cheba Hut - motto: "toasted subs" - is "is in talks with an area developer" about opening franchises here and in other eastern states. The hep cats at the Herald also note that the company's name "is slang for cannabis." Unsurprisingly, Cheba Huts typically pop up in college towns, including Boulder, Colorado and Eugene, Orgeon, so really it was just a matter of time before the company turned its bloodshot eyes this way. A representative from Cheba Hut tells the Herald that "Boston is such a great town because the concentration of colleges is greater than any other area of the country" before giggling and tearing into a bag of Combos, presumably.

The Cheba Hut menu is rife with pot allusions, including listing "greens" (includes quotations) in salad descriptions, naming sandwiches for marijuana varietals, whether or not it makes sense ("Acapulco Gold" = barbecue chicken), and describing sub sizes as nugs, pinners and blunts, which are kinds of pot things. Chief operating officer Matt Trethewey says the company's approach is akin to Hooters, which is "using a hook to draw people in," and by hook he means boobs. And the comparison doesn't stop there: Facebook yields ample photos of female Cheba Hut servers wearing little more than is necessary.

How would you feel about a Cheba Hut opening shop here? Been to one before? Weigh in via the comments or send your thoughts to the tipline.

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