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Historic Durgin-Park Now Headed for Logan

Photo: Facebook/Durgin Park

A second location of Durgin-Park, which claims to be 186 years old, is now headed for Boston Logan International Airport. Grub Street learns from a Craigslist ad that the restaurant and its famously cantankerous waitstaff is planning to move and also planning to act nicer to people stepping off the plane - the ad seeks applicants with "a friendly, customer-oriented attitude." While it may seems strange for a restaurant so rooted in its historic location to expand to somewhere so shiny, consider the fact that Durgin-Park is a tourist favorite (and, correspondingly, a non-tourist un-favorite), and so what better to welcome travelers than the the living embodiment of all their chowdery dreams? Heck, they won't even have to leave the airport to check baked beans and Boston cream pie off the list.

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