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Burgers at Coogan's; Wahlburgers on The History Channel

FINANCIAL DISTRICT - The Milk Street Irish pub Coogan's will be featuring an all burger menu "in the next week," says chef Keenan Langlois. Stay tuned for further information, such as whether the change is permanent and whether drinks on this all burger menu will somehow also be burgers. [Twitter]

CENTRAL SQUARE - In honor of the Chinese New Year, Moksa is adding additional offerings to its standard Sunday dim sum brunch on February 10. Also, dragon dancers. Be one of the first 20 to make a reservation and get a red envelope upon your arrival that may or may not result in the winning of something. [Official Site]

HINGAM/TV LAND - Turns out that the Wahlburgers reality show will be airing on the History Channel. (Isn't that a little foreboding?) For better or for worse, visitors to the Hingham burger restaurant may end up on TV. [Eater National, Daily News]
[Photo: Facebook/Coogan's Boston]


171 Milk Street, Boston, MA