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Feast on Serious Amounts of Lamb at Boston Lamb Jam


If you consider yourself a lamb-lover, then prepare for an afternoon of delectable lamb goodness. Lamb Jam is taking a trip to Boston, and will feature prominent Boston Chefs, along with guest chefs from Portland, ME, and Providence, RI.

A $60 general admission ticket includes lamb dishes from 18 chefs, beer, wine and butcher demos. A $75 VIP ticket also includes a pre-party with lamb charcuterie from Portsmouth's Black Trumpet and Somerville's Bergamot, sheep's-milk cheeses from Formaggio, and cocktails featuring Jefferson's Bourbon by local renowned bartender Jackson Cannon.

Boston Lamb Jam will take place on February 17 at The Charles Hotel from 3-6 pm. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here. >>