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Appleton Cafe Under New Management

Yes, the Appleton Cafe in the South End is temporarily closed for renovations, as reported yesterday, and yes, it's also under new management, as noted on Chowhound. The new owner of the Appleton Cafe tells Eater that she is "excited to be working on plans that include a new storefront." Construction on that new project started yesterday, and as of now the planned reopening timeframe is two to three weeks from now, or roughly mid-February. To review, that does mean the cafe has undergone two recent bouts of new ownership and renovations, including another round of both that took place last summer. Assuming the hours are unchanged by recent developments, Appleton will continue to serve breakfast and lunch from 7am to 4pm every day of the week.

For kicks, see here for a log of customer feedback and the cafe's surprisingly responsive reactions, including "make the muffins larger," which they did.

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[Photo: Official Site]

Appleton Cafe and Bakery

123 Appleton Street, Boston, MA