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The Early Word on Giulia

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Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal

Giulia opened last month in Cambridge, on Mass Ave between Porter and Harvard Square. Chef-owner Michael Pagliarini, an alum of Via Matta, helms the kitchen, and pasta is a major focus here, including bucatini, orecchiette, and fusilli. The 70-seat restaurant occupies the former home of Rafiki Bistro. Here's what people are saying so far.

The pasta news: The various in-house pastas are "a strength" here, and have "excellent texture and really nice flavors," says food blogger Jen Che. [TinyUrbanKitchen]

The bad news: An Eater reader writes in to say that Giulia is "Still working out some service kinks" and notes that the wine list "is on the pricier side." Still, she says the food is "very, very good," as are the acoustics. [Eater]

The charcuterie news: Boston Ballet dancer Rachel Cossar says the chef "gets extra brownie points for cutting his pancetta extra thick." [Foodista on Pointe]

The portion and price news: A TripAdvisor commenter who goes by the handle Filmprof says Giulia "will probably need to fine-tune portion sizes and price points if they hope to last beyond the honeymoon phase." More than one Chowhound post sings the same tune, with statements like "Very small portion for its price. "[TripAdvisor, CH]

The beer news: Beer offerings "are surprisingly unique for an Italian joint," notes Yelper Damien S., who catalogues brews from Maine Beer Company, Smuttynose, O'Leary'sand McChouffe. [Yelp]

The decor news: High school biology classes may want to consider a field trip here, because chalk drawings on the walls illustrate the life cycle of the lentil. These honor the ancestry of the chef, who apparently "hails from a long line of Umbrian lentil farmers." [Chalk & Ink]

The under-seasoned news: Food blogger Candice of Shortcake Scraps reports that the spelt fusilli with roasted mushrooms, fresh herbs, butter and grana padano was in need of salt and pepper. Luckily, there were attractive little salt and pepper dishes - "complete with the tiniest little spoon!" - at hand. Chowhound poster Bob Dobalina expresses a similar sentiment, saying that his orecchiette 'cacio e pepe' "Could have used more black pepper." [Shortcake Scraps, CH]

The best news: Gus Rancatore, owner of the Cambridge ice cream legend Toscanini's, says he experienced the "best small meal in my life" at Giulia. [Twitter via Grub Street]

The North End comparison news: The North End is the best known neighborhood for eating Italian in Boston, but that doesn't mean it's the best. Which is partly why TripAdvisor commenter GoIndians says "If you are looking for great Northern Italian skip the North End and come here." He or she goes one step further, titling their entry "best Italian in Boston." [TripAdvisor]

The anticipatory news: "i cant wait to be back to check out their tasting menu!" says local food blogger bunnyandporkbelly. [b&p]

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Giulia (Cambridge)

1682 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 441-2800 Visit Website


1682 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA