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Will The Phantom Gourmet Become a Radio Phantom?

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The future of the radio show for the local food media entity the Phantom Gourmet may be in jeopardy now that the radio station WTKK (96.9) is, in the words of's The Names Blog, "ditching its lineup of loudmouths in favor of music." The station is eschewing talk radio in favor of all tunes, all the time, and while the Phantom Gourmet radio show may be music to the ears of some members of the Restaurant and Business Alliance, it's not music, and so it presumably won't survive on the new WTKK.

However there's no official confirmation that the radio show is cancelled, though Boston Restaurant Talk did notice that the most recent show was "a 'best of' repeat." Exhibit B: clicking on the "radio" tab on the Phantom Gourmet website yields a server error. Stay tuned for updates about the future of the show and hit up the tipline with any of your own.

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[Photo: The Andelman Brothers, aka the Phantom Gourmet/Pink Hat Hell]